Visa On Arrival Vietnam

Vietnam visa on arrival came into effect since 2003. Visa on arrival refers to submitting the visa request on our website anytime and from anywhere, and then obtain the visa when you arrive at any of the airports in Vietnam. This visa is no different from the visa issued by the embassy/ consulate and comes with the same conditions, rules, and regulations attached to it. Besides, it is a cheaper, quicker and simpler alternative, as compared to obtaining a visa from the embassy/ consulate of Vietnam.

Visa on arrival is not a complete visa, but a pre-approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department, through which you’d be allowed to board the aircraft and get the visa stamped on your passport on landing at the airport. This is one of the most convenient ways of obtaining a Vietnam visa, as it doesn’t require or demand the routine application and approval procedure.

How official Vietnam Visa is helpful for you?

The following table helps with a comparison of various elements associated with getting a visa through OfficialVietnamVisa, and that of through the Vietnam embassy or consulate.


Visa on Arrival

Visa in person at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate

Time to apply


Follow office hours

Processing Time

Less than 01 working day

More than 03 working days

Application fee

From 24 USD

More than 50 USD


Don’t need to send-off

Send via post or in person

Payment method

Accept any major credit cards / PayPal

Pay directly to Vietnam Embassy/Consulate by cash




Important Points to Remember:

  1. Visa on arrival would be stamped on entry at either of the following airports in Vietnam
    1. Ho Chi Minh City
    2. Hanoi
    3. Nha Thrang
    4. Haiphong
    5. Da Nang

    One cannot use it while entering visa through ship/ cruise or while crossing into Vietnam through any of the land borders.

  2. The waiting time for visa on arrival at Vietnam airports is around 15-20 minutes.
  3. The immigration department issues the pre-approval letter on a group basis, and therefore the letter would include the name and the passport number of all the other applicants.