Vietnam Visa Related Question

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Visa inquiry


I hold a valid Bangladesh Passport. Intend to live n do business in HCM city. How best csn a get a long term multiple entry visa for Vietnam.

Asked by Ghouse M A Rahman

Visa to Vietnam


Hello ! I am flying to Vietnam today Can iget visa in Hanoi airoport? Ore can i get it today ?

Asked by Georgy Aleshchenko



Need to know the process for visa Fees and time lines

Asked by Vikram kagi



I got 5 months validtit on my passport. Currently working at Thailand with work visa and work permit, The Thai Immigration will give me re entry but I dont know if Vietnam will allow me to come in.

Asked by kwini altamia

Visa application


Hi my application number is 36495 it was done on 20th june but i still have no approval letter, which has been 5 working days

Asked by samuel ambrosini

Visa fee


Dear Sir/Madam, Please advise the visa fee for a holder of Hong Kong permanent identity card going to Vietnam. Thanks

Asked by Christopher Law



I want a visa deal for vietnam for three months multiple entries. what documents should I have ?

Asked by NACOULMA Lassan