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Rush Visa for Vietnam

What is rush visa service?

We offer express visa service for our customers in case they need a visa to Vietnam within few hours. By using our super urgent service, you are able to receive your approved letter in just a few hours on working days.

Please read carefully the detailed instructions below before you apply:

Procedure for Urgent Visa

Urgent service ($40/Pax), if you submit your application and pay for the service fee:

- Before 9:00 AM, we will send you the approval letter by 6.00 PM on same day.

- After 2:00 PM, you will receive your approval the letter by 12:00 PM on next day.

Super urgent service ($228/Pax), you will receive a visa approval letter within 30 minutes from the time of submission. This service is applicable from 8.00 am - 11.00 am and 1.30 pm - 4.00 pm, except weekends and holidays.

Note: The above processing time is based on Vietnam time (GMT+7), it does not apply for Saturday and Sunday. Please consider the time difference between Vietnam and where you are.

What happens if my flight is on a Saturday or Sunday?

Official Vietnam Visa offers special visa service on weekend holidays which will help you get your visa on time. The service fee is $248 on weekends and after hours.

If possible, we strongly recommended you to delay your flight to go on the Monday the following week to get your visa with lower costs.

Can the urgent visa be guaranteed?

99% the urgent visa can be delivered on time, but in some cases we cannot send the pre-approval letter to you on time as promised. It's caused by delays from Immigration office, some applications are declined, or you may have applied during lunch hour.

In this such case, we will notify you in advance and refund you 100% of the service fee.