Vietnam Work Permit

In accordance with Vietnam’s legal regulations, foreigners intending to work for Vietnam-based enterprises or organizations, must apply for a work permit,which works as an approval or evidence for the right to work in Vietnam.

Who needs a Work Permit in Vietnam?

- An individual who signs a labor contract with Vietnam-based companies, under Vietnam’s labor code.

- An individual who changes his/ her position in a commercial company in Vietnam.

- A person who carries out various types of contracts such as financial, banking, scientific and cultural, economic, sports, educational, and medical.

- An individual offering service.

- Service providers working on contractual basis.

- A foreigner presenting working on behalf of a foreign NGO that is permitted to operate under Vietnam’s legal regulations.

Who shouldn’t be applying for a Work Permit in Vietnam?

- A foreigner who would be working in Vietnam for less than 3 months.

- A foreigner who is a member of anLLC with minimum of 2 members.

- A foreigner who is the owner of a single member LLC.

- A foreigner entering Vietnam to offer services.

- A foreigner who is a member of the management board of a joint stock company.

- Foreigners who visit Vietnam to resolve urgent sophisticated technical and technological concerns that would have an impact on the production and business aspect and that which cannot be resolved by the existing experts in Vietnam or Vietnamese experts living abroad. Nevertheless, it is only for less than 3 months that such people would be allowed to work in Vietnam without any work permit. In case, the work extends to beyond three months, they will have to apply for a work permit.

- An overseas lawyer, licensed by the Ministry of Justice to work in Vietnam in accordance with the legal regulations.

Vietnam Work Permit Requirements

- The applicant must be at least 18 years of age.

- Must be healthy and fit enough to meet the job requirements.

- Must not have any criminal record, must not have committed a national security offence, should not be facing any criminal prosecution, or should not be serving any criminal sentence during the assignment.

- Should be an expert, specialist, or a manager.