Vietnam Visa Types

The first thing you should prepare before you traveling to Vietnam is Visa. Depending on your entry purpose, you select the type of Visa and apply for Vietnam Visa. Normally, people often visit Vietnam for the following purposes: Tourist, Business, Studying, Visiting and transiting.

- Vietnam Tourist Visa

It is the most popular Vietnam visa. Ordinarily, Vietnam tourist Visa is valid for 30 days with single or multiple entry, depending upon your itinerary. In some cases, you can apply for a 3 month single visa for tourism purpose; the 3 month visa will be processed in exactly the same way as 1 month visa.

Tourist visas can be easily extended once you are arriving to Vietnam.

Vietnam Business Visa

It has a validity of 3 month with either single or multiple entries. It is difficult to get Vietnam business 3 month multiple visa. If you want to obtain it, you must have Warranty Letter from your sponsor in Vietnam, and then Vietnam Immigration officer may grant this type of visa.

In common, it's easier to apply for a business visa after you have arrived with tourist purposes.

Vietnam Student Visa

This visa type can be either required once you get invitation or admission evidence from a school in Vietnam. Alternatively, you can enter Vietnam with the tourist purpose first. Then you can change your visa status by the way of enrolling in a Vietnamese language course. In fact, the easiest way to do this is to have a travel company help you make the application.

Vietnam Transit Visa

When transiting at Vietnam airport, you are not required a Vietnam visa in case staying less than one day. If the time of transit is longer, you may find a place to rest or have a short city visit. In this case, a transit visa is required. When applying for Vietnam Transit Visa, you are asked to give an itinerary for your short stay or traveling. You had better to get help from an agent in Vietnam to obtain the Vietnam visa approval letter.