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Vietnamese Bread – Banh My

In Hanoi now, just go from your house to the street, you can buy bread at the beginning of the alley. There are different taste, Southern style, Hoi An style, Hai Phong style or Nam Dinh style. In general, it depends on the taste of each person to choose.

As society increasingly develops, the increasing demand for people is also the time when people turn to traditional culinary culture to enjoy the old flavors of the old town. Referring to the Ha Thanh land with 36 streets, not only is the old, ancient, not only by the beautiful scenery, it is also the culinary crystallization with many quintessence, summarizing many long-standing experiences. And the taste of the old town always brings in its own characteristics, over the years still retain that ancient flavor. Bread is one such dish.

The bread of the past used to be simply stuffed with pate, spring rolls, sausages, eggs and some herbs, now modified with many other flavors such as char siu, grilled meat, etc. An, Sài Gòn bread. Finding a place to sell bread in the past is not an easy thing in the bustling, crowded city of today.

The food industry underwent many changes but the names associated with childhood like Lan Ong, Hue Street still exist because the number of customers always enthusiastically supports the restaurant. Or Hang Chuoi bread shop, though not a traditional restaurant, but breads towards traditional flavors such as pate, sausage, floss. Depending on the taste of each person, the shop has added a number of options such as fried meat, pork leg, …

Hanoi bread is characterized by moderately thin crust, crispy outside not hard or quick, soft inside, the aroma of bread and plasticity. Another characteristic of traditional breads is that they do not use toaster after filling. To get a crispy bread, the innkeeper uses charcoal ovens and bakes on it.

So the cake that was delivered to the guests was still in the shape of golden, plump cakes, when eaten crunchy to pieces. Traditional breads are few but compensate for their value in each bite. The soul of the cypress is probably a special pate with a distinct aroma, soft and easy to eat. Meat is selected enough fat enough lean, eat just enough delicious without getting fat.

Parallel to the coexistence with traditional bread are the modern breads that are now easily encountered on the street. Doner Kebab bread shops or pastry shops that appear on the market are also the top choices of people when used for light meals.

From the simple, dense, delicious loaves of bread, over the years it became breads filled with savage inside and then we come across the pastries of pastry shops. From tradition to modernity, each period has its own characteristics, inheriting the old culinary culture and continuing to develop and create new dishes to make the cuisine of the country rich and diverse. more but still retain the traditional features.

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