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Arbez Franco-Suisse – an unique hotel located in the middle of the border

Located on the border of Switzerland and France, Arbez Franco-Suisse is a simple 2-star hotel but is still considered one of the most unique hotels on the planet.

Arbez Franco-Suisse is a 2-star, 3-storey hotel located in the small town of La Cure, more than 8 km north of Geneva, Switzerland. This is an ideal resort for skiers with ancient European architecture that is kept intact to bring a very cozy feeling.
However, the most special and unique thing in Arbez Franco-Suisse is its geographical location. It is the only hotel in the world located right on the border between Switzerland and France. Everywhere in the hotel from the dining room, kitchen, souvenir shop, hallways, bedrooms, stairs … are divided into two, each of which belongs to the territory of one country.

Inside Arbez Franco-Suisse, there are 2 most special rooms. When guests sleep on the beds in this place, the first part of the territory of France but the legs are located on Swiss soil. In another room, a bed in Switzerland but if you want to “solve the sadness”, you have to cross the border, run to France to reach the toilet.

The history of this world’s best hotel dates back to 1862, the French and Swiss governments decided to change the border in the Dappes valley. With the foresight, entrepreneur Monsieur Ponthus then decided to build a building on family land for cross-border business.

In February 1863, when the treaty officially came into effect, the three-storey building was just completed, meaning that it did not suffer any effects from the new border changes. Mr. Ponthus then opened a bar in France and a souvenir shop in Switzerland right inside the building. In 1921, businessman Jules – Jean Arbeze bought this building, turned it into a unique multinational hotel and renamed it Arbez Franco-Suisse.

Due to this special position of Arbez Franco-Suisse, many anecdotes occurred here, especially during World War II. At that time, France was occupied by Germany but Switzerland was neutral. Germany can “unleash itself” on French territory but is not allowed to do the same on Swiss lands. Therefore, when coming to Arbez Franco-Suisse, the Germans could only access rooms located on French soil. Refugees taking advantage of this loophole hid on the second floor of the hotel. The staircase was also divided into two borders with the first part belonging to Switzerland so even if he wanted to check, the Germans could not.

In 1962, the Arbez Franco-Suisse hotel was chosen as the site of the signing of an Evian peace agreement to give back independence to Algeria.

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