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Travel to Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc, also known as Ngoc Island, is the largest island in Vietnam, also the largest of the 22 islands here, located in the Gulf of Thailand. Phu Quoc Island together with other islands form the Phu Quoc island district of Kien Giang province.

Compared to a tropical paradise with many pristine beautiful beaches, Phu Quoc is an ideal destination for those who want to immerse themselves in the endless beauty of heaven and the sea.

• The most crowded time is from April to September.

• However, the dry season (October to March next year) is the best time for Phu Quoc. In general, you can safely travel to Phu Quoc at any time of the year because the average annual temperature is only about 28 degrees Celsius.

• Most importantly, keep track of weather forecasts to avoid stormy days.

Transportation to Phu Quoc is mainly by plane, speedboat or ferry. Here are the options to visit Phu Quoc depending on the different starting points: Hanoi – Phu Quoc: Vietnam Airlines operates 1 Airbus flight from Hanoi to Phu Quoc every day departing at 8:40 am and arriving at 10:45 am. The return flight will depart from Phu Quoc at 11:35 and arrive at 13h40.

Ho Chi Minh City – Phu Quoc: 500 km distance, can be traveled by plane or combined with cars + high speed Rach Gia – Phu Quoc – Aircraft: Vietnam Airlines operates 17 flights daily with ATR aircraft and 1 flight with Airbus aircraft. Viet Jet Air operates 1 flight daily with Air Bus. Flight time is 50 minutes. – Rach Gia – Phu Quoc cars + high-speed trains: Phuong Trang, Kumho and Mai Linh are high-quality bus companies carrying passengers on Ho Chi Minh City – Rach Gia and vice versa, travel time is 6 Up to 7 hours depending on traffic density.

Bai Sao: Sao Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc. This place has a creamy white sand bank longer than 7 km, the shape is gentle and curved like the moon. At the peak season, Sao Beach is crowded with tourists, so if you like to go to Sao beach, you should go early to rent a hammock to rest.

Location: Sao Beach is located above the Nam Dao tourist route, about 30km from Duong Dong town. Experience for everyone: if you like to go to Sao Beach, you should hire a taxi or go from An Thoi side, the small but dust-free road, big cars sometimes run over a few but still more comfortable than going dirt roads (Follow Seaway-Bai Truong is closer but dust road is more than inner road).

Khem Beach: Khem Beach is still wild, white and fine sand like powder. One minus point is that Khem beach is full of rubbish and leaves, feeling that the sea is not clean. In return, eating seafood Khem is great. It specializes in selling grilled fish and herring salad with quite cheap prices. You can stop at Cuc Man restaurant to taste the Bien Mai dish and then relax back in the hammock. In Khem Beach you should also visit the pearl breeding area, very interesting. Location: South of Phu Quoc Island, 25km from Duong Dong, 5km from An Thoi Port.

Truong Beach continues to be a place not to be missed in Phu Quoc tour, just 7 minutes drive from the airport. From October to April every year, Truong Beach is the perfect choice because this is the most beautiful Truong Beach season with the calm, calm waves. In particular, this is the most beautiful sunset view point, the sky changes color and reflects on the sea surface, creating a very beautiful effect.

Ham Ninh fishing village: The life of Ham Ninh fishing village remains almost untouched with makeshift bamboo-covered cottages. The main occupation is still diving, catching sea cucumbers and spreading nets. Visit Ham Ninh in the early morning to watch the sunrise or enjoy the moonlit nights to enjoy the beauty of this place. Specialties here are just caught crabs bring boiled, bright red, stocky meat, salt and pepper dots juicy lemon.

Mong Tay beach is almost an absolute unspoiled island, because there are no residents and no intervention of convenient services from the mainland. Hon Tay Son is the ideal place to do outdoor activities such as camping, swimming or going deep to explore the wild nature with the burning grasslands stretching headlines.

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