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Travel to Ha Giang

Famous for the majestic scenery along with the terraced fields, the triangular flower fields covered with purple hills blending with the national cultural identity of the upland areas are the attractions that attract tourists everywhere.
Ha Giang is not only beautiful by its majestic scenery, endless winding roads, but also by flowers. Flowers bloom all year round with magical colors such as: Yellow of the Mustard Flower, Purple Heart of the Triangle, White of Plum Blossom.

The majestic scenery of the northernmost land of the country – Ha Giang is worth going in every season. Where the roads run wild, the shape of the country emerges as a map, the terraced fields of labor … Ha Giang is a beautiful destination that it cannot be ignored.

Ha Giang is beautiful all year round, you can travel to Ha Giang or Phu Giang at any time of the year. However, to fully explore the beauty of this rocky plateau, you should come to Ha Giang at the following times.


Spring comes, everywhere from Quan Ba ​​(Quyet Tien, Minh Tan), Yen Minh (Lao Va Chai, Na Khe, Bach Dich), Dong Van (Pho Bang, Pho Cao, Sung La, Sa Phin, and Phin Tung) , Meo Vac (Sung Tra, Sung Trai, Lung Phin), where peaches, plums are blooming, along with the black stone background of the rock plateau, with the walls and the walls.

April, May: Season of water falls During the flooding season, most of the Northwestern rice fields in our country are flooded in May – June, at some places in July, some plots have a volume of water from April; but the most beautiful is still halfway through, around May – June. Coming to Ha Giang, visitors can see the picturesque rice fields in the flooding season: Hoang Su Phi, Quan Ba ​​double mountains, or small fields dotted on the happy road Pi Pi Leng …

September, October: Golden rice season September and October are the time of autumn, the image of terraced fields and valleys at the foot of the pass is covered with a picturesque yellow cloak in the land of the country.

October to December: The Triangle Flower Season, the most beautiful season in Ha Giang At the end of October, until December, no one told anyone, so they pulled together to Ha Giang to see triangular flowers. Violet heart-shaped flowers spread across the hillsides. Recently, the season of triangle flower blooming has had the Triangle Flower Festival scheduled for this year in mid-October.

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