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Mother of 3 children pole dancer became champion of Australia’s Got Talent

Pole dancer Kristy Sellars, who has just given birth seven months ago, won the final of the Australian got talent on 22/9.

Kristy Sellars conquers all 4 judges and millions of viewers with performances that combine pole dancing, dance, musicals and digital art. Kristy’s repertoire received the most votes from audiences across the country, earning her the title of Australia’s Got Talent 2019 and $ 100,000 in cash.

Female judge Nicole Scherzinger touched: “You make me proud to be a woman. You have brought strength, depth and meaning to pole dancing.” Judge Lucy Durack commented that this was the best performance of the night.

Kristy Sellars has just given birth to the third child in 7 months. The husband carried the children to rush to the stage to congratulate when Kristy won.

The 33-year-old dancer revealed that thanks to the pole dance habit, she lost 25 kg after giving birth in February this year. She said: “I have set a goal to get back into shape after having a third child, which is really difficult. But with pole dancing, it not only helps you get moving but also very interesting. don’t realize how hard you have to practice because you’re always having fun. Pole dancing makes me feel happy because it nourishes my body and soul. ”

Kristy Sellars has been practicing pole dancing since 2007. With her interest in the sport, she opened the pole dance studio in Ballarat, attracting a large number of women to practice. Kristy has now run 20 gyms. She also competes in dance competitions at home and abroad. At Australia’s Got Talent, the mother of three children creates a uniqueness in the performances when combining pole dancing with many other art forms such as lyrical dance, musical, hip-hop, digital effects. Kristy’s repertoire is like a magical movie that always overwhelms and thrills the viewer.

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