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“Hai Phuong” film by Ngo Thanh Van competing for Best Foreign Language Film at Oscar 2020

The action film ‘Hai Phuong’ by Ngo Thanh Van represents Vietnamese cinema competing for Best Foreign Language Film at Oscar 2020.
This film will be sent to the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, going through many judging rounds, competing with works from many other countries. Before Hai Phuong, Ngo Thanh Van used to have the film “Cô Ba Sài Gòn ” which she produced and acted as a representative of Vietnamese cinema attending Oscar 2019, but was excluded from the top 5 nominations.

In Hai Phuong, Ngo Thanh Van transformed into a character with the same name. It was a single mother who withdrew from Gypsy for many years, fighting the kidnapping line by herself to save her daughter. She made 90% of the adventure scenes herself. The film is meticulously invested in action and skill.
In addition to Vietnam, Hai Phuong screened in the United States and Canada, reaching audiences in nearly 200 countries through the Netflix-based online movie-streaming platform. Currently, the film is in theaters in China. Page HK01 of Hong Kong highly appreciates the beauty and martial arts ability of Ngo Thanh Van. Chinese Sina, QQ and Sohu sites praised the woman as “Zhang Ziyi in Vietnamese version”. The film currently dominates Vietnamese cinema revenue with 200 billion dong.

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